Meet the Boys

As part of the promotional blog tour for IN FROM THE COLD, I got to write all sorts of creative guest posts. Check out one of my favorites at DSP Publications! It was a lot of fun putting some of my extensive backstory notes to good use. In the future, I hope to discuss more … More Meet the Boys

Sneak Peek!

Heya, folks! If you’ve been curious about what my debut novel, IN FROM THE COLD, is all about, DSP Publications has got you covered. Just hit the “Show Excerpt” button on the website, and you can read the first two chapters for free!

So It Begins

I won’t lie: In from the Cold has lived a very charmed life. Not only is it the first novel I’ve ever written, but it was accepted by the very first publisher I sent it to–as an unsolicited manuscript no less. This isn’t how things are normally done, or so says every piece of writing advice … More So It Begins